Kittens were born 2012.11.08

2 males and 2 females

Kittens were born 2012.10.25.

2 males and 1 female

Kittens were born 2012.06.21

1 male and 2 females

About us

Welcome to our homepage of kennel SNOW DREAMS. My name is Valentina. Passion for the cats began to a child. And in 2004, realized my dream, I bought a British cat Lansi color silvery-blue point, which future pleased me by stronger healthy, beautiful kittens. But at once, when I saw a British cat chinchilla coat color of snow-and-silver fur and huge green eyes, who had the natural makeup: they like outlined with black pencil, I could not stay indifferent and I bought elegant, graceful cat of this color named Jewel, from kennel Snow Leopard. A little later in our cat family appeared intelligent, kind and very affectionate cat Caval Ero. They marked the beginning of the breeding of British cats rare color: chinchilla and silver shaded.

Since then, my concern was obtaining healthy offspring and conservation and improvement of the breed qualities.

All our cats live together with other members of family. They sleep, eat and play with others. All the animals have good health and excellent mentality, very friendly, intelligent, curious and cleanly. To educate each kitty brings me individually, depending on its nature. Therefore, the buying a kitten from our cattery, You can be sure that it affectionate cat, who is infinitely trust you and give joy communication with him, will help to calm down and relieve stress.

British chinchilla kittens are excellent companions and very fond of children. It is also easy to find common language with other household animals.

We take with cats active part in the exhibition activities and our pets are the highest praise of experts and awards.

Estonia, Tartu
tel: +37258055415